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Art in London

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Where to go in London
to see art...

Visitors to London can take advantage of art galleries ranging from the major public spaces, to specialised commercial galleries to cutting-edge warehouse art galleries of the East End. The public art galleries like the British museum, the V&A and Tate Britain are must-sees for any visitors and since they are free, the permanent collections can be enjoyed on a drop-in basis rather than a full- scale tour (temporary art exhibitions may attract a charge). Commercial galleries with contemporary and modern art are found all over central London with a pocket of established art galleries in Cork Street off Piccadilly. Head east to Hoxton and beyond for the latest edgy art exhibitions in small workshops or converted industrial premises.

Top five
art galleries in London:

The British Museum

London’s storehouse of art treasures from all eras and all parts of the world, from pre- Cycladic sculpture through Egyptian artefacts to contemporary art. Don’t try and take it all in in one go.

White Cube

The quintessential Hoxton gallery for contemporary work with art exhibitions by Britart luminaries like Tracy Emin, Damian Hirst and the Chapman Brothers.

A trip off the beaten track to the first purpose-built art gallery in England, designed by Sir John Soane in 1811. It houses one of the world’s most important collections of European old master paintings of the 1600s and 1700s.

Tate Modern

A stunning collection of modern and contemporary art housed in a converted 1930s power station, itself a work of art. The turbine hall hosts large-scale sculpture and installations and there is a constantly evolving programme of art exhibitions.

Maureen Paley

Gallery owner Maureen Paley was one of the first and most innovative to blaze a trail in the East End. The gallery features contemporary art by British artists like Rebecca Warren, Gillian Wearing and Paul Noble.

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